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Family Creation Services

We offer Intrauterine and Intracervical Insemination services at home.  Whether you are working with a sperm bank or known donor, we will assist you with fertility tracking and recommending the best time to conceive.  We want to help you grow your family in the privacy of your own home!  Remember, even with well-timed attempts, conception may take 2-4 months of IUI/ICI.  We will also recommend alternative care providers that can assist in your journey, such as acupuncture and herbalists.  

We will work with your sperm bank or known donor to fill out your required paperwork for the bank or give your known donor sterile collection cups.  If using a known donor, please contact a family law attorney to discuss legal documentation before conceiving.  

Fees:  Unfortunately, many insurance plans to not pay for fertility services, but please verify that with your own insurance company.  Your initial visit should be covered as it will be billed as a preconception and/or well-woman visit.  For those families seeking self-pay rates, the fees are list below

     Initial Preconception Consult                  $200

     First IUI/ICI of the cycle                          $250

     Second IUI/ICI of the same cycle           $150